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Hydro Bike LEARN MORE fun & fitness on the water with our pedal powered water bike

Hydrobikes have been synonymous with fun & fitness on the water in 74 countries now since our founder invented our pedal powered water bike over 25 years ago. Non polluting, easy to ride, lightweight, safe and stable with 400 lbs flotation, Hydrobikes are enjoyed by everyone from 8-80.

Proven reliability, low maintenance, and trouble free operation makes Hydrobike Explorer a superior value for your family’s enjoyment.

Each Hydro Bike has:

  • Basket
  • Cases
  • Emergency Mobile Phone


  • All hygiene and cleanliness rules apply with certified-ecological cleaning products for protection against Covid-19.
  • After your tour by electric boat or bicycle, our staff takes care of surface cleanliness and decontamination in order for the next guests to board safely.
  • All staff members wear a face mask.
  • The rules of physical distancing are enforced and are mandatory.
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