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Koutavos lagoon is situated in the gulf of Argostoli and has a surface of 13.000m².
The most important swimmer of the lake is the sea turtle Caretta-Caretta.

It has an oval   shape with maximum length of approximately 6.5km and minimum of 1.2km. Its depth is very small, up to 1.80m.
It starts from De Bosset bridge, named after the Swiss constructor mechanic De Bosset, officer of the British army.
Koutavos, a significant wetland of Kefalonia, hosts many species of birds like swans, mallards, waterhens, gulls, but also many fish species.

An appointment with the turtle.....................

Koutavos lagoon with its shallow, peaceful, warm waters, and the bay of Argostoli are a significant refuge for the sea turtles Caretta-Caretta.

Here, they rest for plenty of days during their reproduction period before they swim again towards the nesting beaches.

Sea turtles are peaceful animals and do not attack people. But be careful, when you see a turtle, no to put your hand in the water; she might think it is food and try to bite it. Also, never disturb a sea turtle, because you will cause her great stress, and if she thinks she is threatened, she might defend herself.

Wildlife Sense group researchers observe the sea turtles every day in Koutavos lagoon and in the bay of Argostoli.

Moreover, they use thousands of pictures of sea turtles from this area to identify all the different turtles. With this method, they came to the conclusion that during summer 2013 at least 27 different turtles were swimming in Koutavos lagoon and Argostoli bay. This number is particularly big, and is yet another indication of the ecological importance of the area.

Participate in the research:
Argostoli Lagoon Activities team suggests:

  • Make an appointment with the turtle and meet her by boat or water bike.
  • Meet and take pictures of the turtle.
  • Send us your photos.
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Argostoli Lagoon Activities
Argostoli Lagoon Activities
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Created with By the Argostoli Lagoon Activities