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At the entrance of Argostoli and specifically in Koutavos lagoon, you will easily find Argostoli Lagoon Activities Kiosk, where our team will help you try a beetle pedal boat.

You may enjoy the beauties of the lake pedaling the boat, and also drink your coffee or have lunch on board.

You may enjoy your coffee or soda, as well as a snack, riding the boat. The most impressive think you will do in the lagoon is your appointment with the turtle Caretta-Caretta, the last being a permanent swimmer of the area.

Each pedal boat has a capacity of 4 individuals and the young explorers of the lake will have a unique experience by getting to know the ecosystem through this short lake trip.

Ideal for families with young children and couples.

The ride on the lagoon is a unique experience every hour, from 9:00-21:00, all days of the week.

Capacity per pedal: max 4 people

Each pedal boat has:

  • Canopy
  • Map of the permitted zone and instructions to be followed.
  • Emergency Mobile Phone


  • All hygiene and cleanliness rules apply with certified-ecological cleaning products for protection against Covid-19.
  • After your tour by electric boat or bicycle, our staff takes care of surface cleanliness and decontamination in order for the next guests to board safely.
  • All staff members wear a face mask.
  • The rules of physical distancing are enforced and are mandatory.
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