Koutavos Lagoon


A significant wetland of Kefalonia that hosts many species of birds and fishes.

Koutavos Lagoon

This is the big lagoon that extends northeast of the town of Argostoli. Its shape is oval, with a length of 6.5 km and an area of 1300 acres. The Lagoon Koutavos is bounded by the stone Bridge Devossetos, and its depth does not exceed one fathom.

It took its name from the ancient word “kottavos,” which means bowl. It is a wetland with a variety of flora and fauna, especially birds. It is almost certain that when you walk along the lush coast of Koutavos, you will encounter swans, ducks, gulls, and other small and large birds. Here, many species of fish still live, as you can observe by the number of fishermen that you will surely see near the Bridge fishing in the waters of Koutavos.

Previously, the shallowness of the waters had turned Koutavos into a marshy lagoon, making its passage dangerous for public health: mosquitoes carrying malaria and residents of nearby villages who had to go to the island’s capital, Argostoli, essentially risking even their lives.

With the construction of the bridge in 1813, which defines it, Koutavos has changed form: tree-lined shores, a pleasant atmosphere, the small island, lush vegetation, and the number of birds found here make Koutavos lagoon ideal for nature walks and one of the sights on the island.

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